Please use this page as a bulletin board to share your Web 2.0 best practices and lesson ideas.

Best Practices:

B-7 Bobcats Wikispace

Global Gorilla's Wikispace

Jan Abernathy Portfolio

Eduwiki Project

The Eduwiki Project was initiated by PA Keystone Technology Integrator, Mike Baker. Its purpose is to build a bank of resources where "Everyone Works Together to Build a Better Learning Community." It is truely an example of collective intelligence and collaboration. To date there are 900 hundred of resources available to educators with a goal of 1500 resources. Become a member of this wiki to contribute your ideas or simply use it to find resources for your classroom.

Reporting Back Wiki,

This is a wiki created by Michelle Krill, CFF Coach, for the purpose of recording and sharing Web 2.0 notes from various conferences and workshops. Contributions to this wikispace are made by many PA teachers but shared by teachers worldwide.

Knowledge Bank Conference 2008

The Knowledge Bank online conference out of Australia this year is focused on Web 2.0 in education: what it is, how it’s being used today and its potential to radically change education. Steve Hargadon of Classroom 2.0 will be providing the Keynote Address. This is a free online conference which is being held on July 22-23. See the website for more registration information.

Morpheus Fortuna

Morpheus Fortuna is a Bog Turtle that spent the 2007-2008 school year visiting many schools across Pennsylvania. The kids that he visited created blogs and other cool Web 2.0 projects in order to share Morpheus' adventures in their schools with people all over the world. These projects were then posted to Morpheus' wikispace which was originally created by his teacher Mr. Lutz. Check out his wiki to learn more about the power of Web 2.0 and learn more about the adventures of Morpheus Fortuna.

Mr. Chase's Classroom